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Associazione Nazionale fra Pensionati ed Esodati della Banca Commerciale Italiana - ANPECOMIT
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pubblicato il 26/02/2010

iscriviti ecco come fare:   stampa , compila e sottoscrivi il modulo in allegato, che ci puoi inviare o per posta all indirizzo Anpecomit di via Cesare Balbo, 35 - 00184 Roma, oppure via fax allo 064820307, oppure via e-mail a anpec1@tiscali.itrn rnThe Christian Louboutin litigation - which began when the French house launched a collection of shoes in a range of colours, each with a sole that matched its upper - ended with the assertion that Louboutin could not prevent brands from creating christian louboutin shoes with red soles, but that no other brand should create a shoe of a contrasting colour with a red sole as that was likely to cause confusion for customers who would assume the shoe was by Louboutin.rn\r\nrn

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